Saturday, 24 July 2010

Charlotte Church vs The Rock

I overheard a conversation recently which troubled me. It was a conversation between 2 middle aged women who were discussing the recent and tragic break down of Charlotte Church's marriage. The ladies were obviously upset about what had caused this match made in heaven to abruptly end, and were discussing the possibilities of why this might of happened. There were the usual reasons which you might read in any daily paper ranging from a lack of privacy, to the temptations of a celebrity lifestyle. Then one of the ladies pitched in with her one final idea. She suggested that, "Gavin hasn't matured like Charlotte has." I was genuinely in shock. How could this middle aged woman, living in a tiny town in the west of England know such a thing. Was she Gavin's mother?

I'm not going to lie to you, our current celebrity worshipping culture troubles me immensely. It leads to us having opinions and sometimes quite heated debates, about another person, who we've probably never met, and also actually know nothing about. For example, I don't think Shaun Wright-Philips is a very good footballer, and for that I have a superficial hatred for him, which I know is wrong... but also correct.... in my opinion.

I've recently been trying to explain to my hot hot wife, how funny The Rock was when he was in the WWF. It's difficult for me to get this across to her. Maybe because she has absolutely no interest in The Rock. It's like trying to explain to a spurs fan that Defoe is terrible.

Maybe if a middle aged woman overheard me having these conversations in public she'd be concerned... Well, middle aged women shouldn't be so nosy...

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