Thursday, 22 July 2010

My online kingdom

I've always been secretly jealous of people with an 'online presence'. Partly because i've never had an online presence, and also because i'm not quite sure what one is. Do I need one to market myself? What am I marketing? Will it spellcheck for me? As much as i've always tried to loathe the idea of having some kind of online kingdom, at the same time I have also quietly and secretly wanted to mutter the words 'check out my blog'.

As far as I know, I have absolutely no need for a blog, but here it is... online and taking up valuable internet space. Is internet space limited? Will we run out of it like we will run out of fossil fuels or (God willing) stupid celebrities who were very average singers, but have now become very average television presenters and have miraculously learnt to design perfumes and clothes and are worshipped by idiots?

This blog will not become bitter. I will also talk about things that I enjoy... Cars, sharks and my hot wife. I will also share my deepest grave concerns, such as; will our orchid survive? where will I be in 5 years? Will England ever do well at a world cup again?

So, my first post is nearly done and dusted. I'll be perfectly honest, I don't think it's taken much out of me... At some point I hope to include some amazingly hysterical stories that I have observed from my daily trudge through life, but for today i'm just completely over the moon that the spellcheck seems to work.

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  1. Wooop! So impressed that you've taken our random conversations this morning seriously... I very much look forward to hearing all about the observations of Andrew Cooke (or Candy Hook?!) through text and drawings! Long live this blog!